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From acquiring land, permitting projects, constructing plants and commercialising green power, we are your all-in-one holistic solar solution.

Capturing solar energy is tapping into nature's limitless source, empowering a sustainable future while preserving our planet.

Why AMPYR Solar Europe

Business Areas

Land Acquisition & Project Development

Our land acquisition team specialises in sourcing optimal land for utility-scale solar projects. They meticulously screen ideal locations considering factors such as sunlight exposure and grid connectivity, as well as environmental impact and regulatory constraints. Our role encompasses a wide array of tasks, from conducting land surveys and feasibility studies to negotiating land leasing agreements. The solar project development team then works to secure the necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and environmental agencies, ensuring full compliance throughout the project.

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Power Sales

Corporate & Project Financing

Project Delivery

Asset Management

Safety first

Safety is core to all we do. The safety of all those we are responsible for, including employees and visitors, comes first. At AMPYR Solar Europe safety is treated as a moral obligation, not a “tick in the box” exercise, and flows from Leadership through to the entire organisation.

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Our numbers


We have grown rapidly from a development-focused organisation, to a full-fledged IPP with over 100 employees in three countries with comprehensive in-house capabilities across all our areas of activity.


Our finance team has originated €600M+ of corporate and project financing capital to underpin our growth and deliver our pipeline of projects.


Our technical and construction management teams boast extensive expertise having collectively delivered over 10GW of projects across Europe and the rest of the world.

Our vision

To become the leading independent solar power producer in Northwest Europe.

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