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Our Finance team is highly experienced in all aspects of project funding and financing

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Our Project Finance team is highly experienced in all aspects of project funding and financing.

Our deep relationships have allowed us to partner with leading project financing banks and financial institutions to finance the delivery of 350 MWp of solar projects in the Netherlands and 500 MWp across Germany and the UK.

Our innovative financing approach has resulted in establishing multiple debt platforms with accordion facilities in support of project delivery in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

Debt facilities are based on a mix of PPA, Feed-in Tariff and merchant revenues.

We are funded through both debt and equity partnerships, which enable us to develop, construct and finance assets efficiently and quickly. Project financing allows us to quickly expand on our pipeline and investments in each of our three focus jurisdictions, realising synergies between the respective projects and reducing the time to close facility agreements for individual project clusters. To enhance the financing parameters, elements such as promotional loans or ECA covers can be added.

Our financing facilities have thus far allowed us to deliver three projects in the Netherlands with a fourth under way, and several more to be financed during 2024.

What our financing partners have said about working with us

"This was a unique structuring effort together with AMPYR Solar Europe. The financing allows AMPYR Solar Europe to build a portfolio of fully owned projects combined with projects with community participations. This fits well with the ambitions of Rabobank as it enables the local communities to have a stake in driving the energy transition"


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