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Land Acquisition & Project Development

Our business starts with establishing partnerships with landowners seeking a dependable income stream from their land

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Requirements naturally vary considerably from country to country, but our overall approach remains consistent: we aim to create partnerships with landowners based on our deep understanding of the farming community and agricultural economics.

We have local teams in each country. Our team members have often lived and worked in the local communities and have a strong and personal connection to it.

Each landowner is unique, and we work with you to understand your situation, and create unique solutions. Every lease is individually created after in-depth discussions to understand your current situation and desired goals.

In addition to cultivating relationships with landowners directly, we also have a network of land agents who either search for suitable land on our behalf, or introduce landowners who are looking to diversify their income streams and play a part in the decarbonisation of electricity generation.

Wherever we operate, we work hard to be considerate developers and put community engagement at the heart of our planning approach, conducting both statutory and non-statutory consultation events.

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If you are considering revenue generation from solar energy for your land, please get in touch. One of our expert team will contact you to schedule time to discuss your needs and assess how we may work together.

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