Why AMPYR Solar Europe

AMPYR Solar Europe's team has decades of experience in the solar energy industry, and in-house end-to-end expertise that covers Land Origination, Project Development, Financing, Construction, Operations and Power Sales.

We empower our partners through sustainable solar energy solutions, creating positive impacts on the environment and communities. With a holistic approach and a strong partnership mindset, we strive to build a more resilient future for all.

A true lifecycle partner

We operate across all elements of the solar power development lifecycle. Whether landowner, EPC company, power end-user or ancillary service provider; we are interested in partnering with you in pursuit of mutually beneficial goals.

Strong Sponsors

Our sponsors have helped us build comprehensive in-house expertise that enable us to develop-to-own projects from inception to completion. Discover how each partner contributes to our capabilities.

AGP Sustainable Real Assets

Through their global renewable platform (AMPYR Energy), AGP brings a proven track record of delivering over 3 GW of renewable energy assets across the Asia Pacific region and contributed significant technical expertise in design, engineering, construction and operation of solar assets.

Hartree Partners

Established over 25 years ago, Hartree has cultivated a profound understanding of energy markets, bolstered by robust electricity trading capabilities that empower power producers to manage merchant risks effectively. In the field of power sales and Power Purchase Agreements, their commercial expertise was crucial in developing ASE's power sales capability.

Our Financial Strength


With CarVal as a corporate-level capital partner, AMPYR Solar Europe is well-supported in its mission to become a leading European IPP with a GW-scale operating platform.


Rabobank is ASE's project finance partner supporting our construction plans with a €200m multi-country omnibus facility.

We help you reach your sustainable goals

We develop land for utility-scale ground-mounted PV installations in a holistic way, listening to the needs of each particular community to ensure sustainable power generation. For local communities and power users, we strive to help accelerate their journey to zero-carbon and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

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