Vision & Strategy

AMPYR Solar Europe is positioned to become the leading solar Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Northwest Europe. To do so, we focus on three key geographies (Germany, UK and the Netherlands) and operate across the entire solar power lifecycle, from Land Acquisition, Project Development, Financing, Construction, Asset Operations and Power Sales.

Our Mission & Purpose

Partnering with land owners, local communities, and power users to harness the natural power of solar energy for a positive impact on our environment and people.

Our values

Sustainability, Partnership, Integrity, Excellence.


In collaboration with our stakeholders, we achieve sustainable success by dedicating ourselves to clean energy, emissions reduction, power resilience, and community-centred solar solutions. We do so with a holistic approach, incorporating sustainable practices and best-in-class ESG principles, every step of the way.


We prioritise strong ties with landowners, municipalities, and customers, putting their needs first, understanding that strong partnerships are the key to mission success.


We consistently deliver on our commitments to colleagues, partners, and communities, building trust and enduring partnerships through open communication and unwavering honesty.


We seek to leverage our extensive experience in renewable energy globally to offer unmatched industry knowhow, end-to-end capabilities, and innovative solutions, to deliver the best value outcomes for all stakeholders.

About us

Our vision is to become a leading European independent solar power producer, dedicated to helping communities and companies achieve their sustainability objectives by providing them with clean solar energy.

Our Company