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Asset Management

At AMPYR Solar Europe we focus on efficient and stable operations of our asset portfolio, maximising value through creative commercial optimisation. Health and Safety is at the core of all our activities.

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In a rapidly changing environment and a need for sustainable solutions, AMPYR Solar Europe stands at the forefront of innovation and efficiency with its fast-growing portfolio.

Our activities encompass the development, construction and operation of solar assets and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) across the UK, Netherlands, and Germany.

Asset Management sits at the heart of AMPYR Solar Europe's expansion. Our dedicated team focuses on optimising solar assets for long-term efficiency, reliability, and performance while ensuring a high level of safety and stakeholder satisfaction.

Our Asset Management Team assumes responsibility from the moment of technical completion throughout the lifetime of the asset, and ends with the return of the land to its original state. By ensuring optimal performance through continuous monitoring, maintenance and commercial optimisation, the Asset Management Team forms the backbone of ASE's success.


Comprised of individuals with strong technical and commercial backgrounds, our team marries technical excellence with commercial ingenuity, generating revenues and fostering success in a highly dynamic market environment.

Consistent Asset Management is pivotal for AMPYR Solar Europe, enabling seamless navigation through the complexities of asset operation across varied regulatory and market environments. The collective expertise and effort of our team underpin the company's success and its ambitious goal to decarbonize the electricity market through renewable energy.

Our Asset Management team's scope of activities encompasses the following:

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