Providing Echt-Susteren with 13.2 MWp Renewable Energy

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Providing Echt-Susteren with 13.2 MWp Renewable Energy

In the village of Maria Hoop, part of the municipality of Echt-Susteren, AMPYR completed its second solar park in the municipality. A notable character of this project is the partnership developed with the Echt-Susteren Energy Cooperative. Together, we are developing this project alongside the community.

Creating an ecological hotspot with local entrepreneurs

In developing a park with the community, we, along with the Energy Cooperative, believe it is important for residents and local entrepreneurs to be involved from the outset, including the design of the park. The solar park borders Heerdstraat, where the existing vegetation provides natural shelter; this will be integrated as part of the solar park design.

The project also offers the opportunity to enhance local biodiversity. In collaboration with local entrepreneurs, a solar park will be developed that will benefit local flora and fauna. We aim to ensure biodiversity restoration and to ensure that the solar park becomes an ecological hotspot in its surroundings. Long-term maintenance of the park will be managed through the relationship with a local entrepreneur.


The solar park will be developed on an area of 10.35 hectares, generating 13.2 MWp. This is equivalent to the energy needs of 3960 residents of Echt-Susteren. Through the combination of vegetation and solar panels, the land remains dedicated to agri-photovoltaics, allowing the landowner to combine agriculture with sustainable energy production.

Various local parties have been involved, resulting in a multifunctional park where sustainable energy generation goes hand in hand with biodiversity restoration and agriculture.

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