Our First Dutch Projects

In 2023 AMPYR Solar Europe successfully completed construction of its first three solar farm projects in the Netherlands. Echt-Susteren, Venray and Tinte are now operational with combined generation of over 20MWp.

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Key Project Numbers

Project Status

Providing Echt-Susteren with vegetables and 5.5 MWp Renewable Energy

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Limburg, Zonnepark Hoeve de Ruif shines as a prominent example of sustainable development. Situated in Echt-Susteren, this solar park not only represents a milestone for AMPYR Solar Europe but also promises a more sustainable future for the region. With a capacity of 5.5 MWp, the solar park provides electricity to over 1500 households, resulting in a significant annual saving of 2044 tons of CO2. Zonnepark Hoeve de Ruif is tangible evidence of AMPYR Solar Europe's commitment to sustainable energy in Limburg. We take pride not only in producing green energy but also in contributing to local community elements and preserving the character of the region.

Collaboration with local partners

The realisation of this solar park was a collective effort. It began with the vision of NaGa Solar, a developer from Maastricht, which initiated the process. After the acquisition by AMPYR Solar Europe, the project was successfully completed. Collaboration with local partners was invaluable, with the municipality of Echt-Susteren standing out as a model of fruitful cooperation; their clear goals and support paved the way for the realisation of the project.

In addition to the municipality, local partners such as HeusschenCopier, a landscape architect from Gulpen, Pouderoyen Tonnaer, an advisor on the physical living environment, and Aton Projects, a solar park builder from Sittard, played a crucial role. Their involvement and expertise contributed to the preservation of the local economy and landscape.

More than a Solar Park

Located on former grasslands, the solar park now combines energy generation with recreational facilities, such as a picking garden and natural grazing by sheep. This multifunctional approach not only enhances biodiversity but also provides recreational value for the local community. AMPYR Solar Europe firmly believes that our projects should give back to the community, and this solar park is an example of a project not only providing a source of sustainable energy, but also acting as a tool to strengthen and support the local environment.

A Sunny Future

Zonnepark Hoeve de Ruif was AMPYR Solar Europe's first solar project, with further projects in the Netherlands promising further progress in sustainable energy and community development.


Key Project Numbers

Project Status

Providing Venray with 3.51 MWp Renewable Energy

The opening of the solar park in Venray marks the first ground-mounted solar project established within the municipality, and represents a significant step forward in Venray's commitment to renewable energy.

Community Building

The impact of the solar park extends beyond its role in renewable energy production. Recognising this broader significance, AMPYR Solar Europe has pledged a donation of €150,000 to the local energy cooperative BeePower. This donation reflects AMPYR Solar Europe's commitment to supporting initiatives that benefit the community and foster sustainable living practices among Venray residents.

AMPYR Solar Europe is also dedicated to promoting economic vitality within the region. Through our collaboration with local partners, primarily based in Limburg, AMPYR Solar Europe aims to stimulate economic growth and contribute to strengthening the local economy. This collaborative approach embodies the core values of AMPYR Solar Europe, deeply rooted in its NaGa Solar origins in Maastricht.

A Milestone for Venray

In conclusion, the opening of the solar park in Venray signifies a significant milestone in the town's sustainability journey. As the first ground-mounted solar project in the municipality, it represents a pivotal moment in Venray's renewable energy endeavours.

However, its impact goes beyond environmental sustainability. AMPYR Solar Netherlands' commitment to supporting initiatives benefiting the community, coupled with its efforts to foster economic vitality within the region, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainability. Through collaboration and dedication to positive change, the solar park in Venray not only contributes to reducing carbon emissions but also strengthens the local community and economy.


Key Project Numbers

Project Status

Providing Tinte with 12.6 MWp Renewable Energy

Situated in Tinte, amidst the greenhouse horticulture along Konneweg and Kerkhoekweg, shines the solar park of AMPYR Solar Europe. The project, which commenced in 2017 under the banner of Utrecht-based developer 'SolarEnergyWorks,' was continued by AMPYR Solar Europe after its acquisition in 2022. From the outset, residents, energy cooperative Voorne Putten Energie, and various government bodies were involved with the project to ensure the solar park would be a community project, for and by the local area. As an Independent Power Producer, AMPYR Solar Europe is committed to involving stakeholders at an early stage of development.

At Tinte, Energy Cooperative Voorne Putten is also a financial partner in the project, enabling the issuance of bonds to the municipality's residents, and allowing the residents to directly share in the profits from the solar park’s operation. This structure highlights AMPYR Solar Europe’s innovative approach and commitment to partnering with local communities.

Partnering with Grolsch for Greener Beer

In addition to providing sustainable energy for the area, AMPYR Solar Europe is also collaborating with companies through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Such an agreement is in place with brewery Grolsch, where the solar park in Tinte, along with the solar parks in Venray and Echt-Susteren, will supply sustainable energy to the beer company. Through this relationship AMPYR Solar Europe and Grolsch actively contribute to the Dutch energy transition and take a significant step towards further sustainability in Grolsch’s manufacturing processes. This collaboration also marks a significant step for Asahi Europe & International – the parent company of Grolsch – contributing to its broader sustainability ambition to be fully CO2-neutral in all its European breweries by 2030.

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